YAMND has recently joined the North Yorkshire and York Neurological Alliance as an Associate Corporate Member. The North Yorkshire and York Neurological Alliance (nyyna) is a newly formed organisation bringing together local organisations involved in the care and support of those living with neurological conditions. The aims of the organisations are:
* to see people living with a long term neurological condition at the heart of the design, delivery,and evaluation of services.
* to raise awareness of neurological conditions and their impact

It is hoped by bringing together local organisations such as YAMND, MS SOCIETY, HUNTINGTON DISEASE ASSN, PARKINSONS SOCIETY and others, then a united voice on common issues can be presented to see services improved and developed.

The development of a “HEALTH PASSPORT” is one of the many issues being explored. The Health Passport sets out peoples needs in terms of, for example, medication, communication, pain management and mobility and may prove useful for hospital admissions and community staff.

For more information regarding North Yorkshire and York Neurological Alliance or view more on the Health Passport please visit www.nyyna.org.uk/

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