YAMND AGM – 15th OCT 2012

The 23rd AGM OF YAMND took place on 15th OCT 2012 at York District Hospital.
The current Management Committe was relected with no new nominations for additional /new members received.

The Management Committee for 2012/13 is therefore:


Chairpersons report was given as follows:

Chairpersons report to AGM 2012 held at YORK DISTRICT HOSPITAL
MONDAY 15th OCT 2012

This year has been another difficult one for the YAMND Management Committee mainly due to the increasing workload involved in the running of the charity .The management of any small charity such as ours has become rather like running a small business with the Trustees being responsible for everything from finances to employment issues and property. As you know the Management Committee is made up of volunteers who all do their best but do not have any particular experience in the increasing complexities of the role .All of the Management Committee are volunteers who give their valuable time freely .The increasing changes in legislation regarding managing a charity such as YAMND make the role more demanding than in years gone by .We have drawn on help from external sources such as York Council For Voluntary Services and North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations but this in itself requires more time and input for just a few people . So to this end we really do need to find ways to encourage some fresh faces to the Committee to bring much need help and expertise in order to guarantee a future for the charity.
The impending changes to the NHS, with the implementation of the Clinical Commissioning Groups and the current economic climate will all; I am sure, mean there are greater demands on charities like YAMND.

One thing the Management Committee always have a close eye on is our financial position, like all charities we must make sure we have sufficient funds to pay our way .We have benefited this year from some fantastic donations as usual from various sources. Some are made in memory of people lost recently to MND others who were lost many years ago but all who felt supported by YAMND .We have had people raise money carol singing, bag packing, selling plants or books, celebrating birthdays or wedding anniversary’s, racing Dragon boats, donating stamp collections or running fantastic distances. Forgive me for not mentioning everyone by name but my personnel thanks goes to all who have raised money in support of our work.

Whilst at the moment we rely entirely on such donations and are grateful to all ,it would be irresponsible not to look to the future with regard our financial position .I can report that this is only secure for a maximum of 2 years as our outgoings at the moment far exceed our incomings .It costs over of £2,000 per month to run the charity and this is not including the purchase of equipment or donations to research as detailed in our constitution .So we need help in exploring other ways to bring in revenue and would welcome people on to the committee with expertise in this area .

So to the acknowledgements I must make to the people who have worked hard in the last year to enable YAMND to continue in its vital role.
My thanks go to the current Management Committee as a whole for the support they have shown to me throughout the year despite at times feeling “ they have had enough”.

My thanks go to Adryenne for her many years of service and her work in dealing with all our membership issues despite suffering a badly broken arm this year.

My thanks go to Lesley for her many years of service to YAMND and her work dealing with Gift Aid donations which really does make a difference.

My thanks to Janet for keeping the minutes tonight and at each of our meetings and also for doing our room bookings.

My thanks to Audrey our Treasurer for doing a fantastic job in paying the bills and keeping our books in order.

My thanks to Glenda who took over as secretary only last year and has had a stressful year in her own working life but still managed to put together our latest newsletter.

I know more than one member of our current committee have thought of giving up this year either because of the number of years already served or because of lack of time to commit to the role so it is a timely reminder that without the commitment of these people or others to take their place YAMND would not exist.

I must also thank Linda Hunter for agreeing to act as our Auditor and to Mark Smith for his continued work on our website.

Last but not least my thanks must go to Doreen Foster. I think we all know in what high regard the name of YAMND has in York and surrounding area. This is almost entirely down to the continued hard work and commitment shown by our Specialist Nurse Doreen Foster. Doreen is a real ambassador for YAMND and is well respected for her knowledge and experience in working with MND patients by all who work alongside her. Doreen continues to receive awards and plaudits from all around her and I know from the many letters I receive that she really does make a difference to the lives of those suffering from MND and their families and that YAMND are very lucky indeed to have her.

So as YAMND goes in to its 24th year it really does face a period of uncertainty .I think any Management Committee must look at whether YAMND can continue in its present form either because of a lack of Committee members or because of financial shortcomings or whether it is now time to work with others to make sure that the support of sufferers of MND is available in York and surrounding area as long as it is required .


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