The 22nd AGM of YAMND was held at York District Hospital and was well attended by members .
The current Chairperson Hazel Allison gave a report to the meeting as follows .

Chairperson’s report to Annual General Meeting for 2011 held at York District Hospital Monday 17th OCT 2011

This year has seen a variety of issues for the Management Committee to deal with, some more easily dealt with than others. There have been some real positives and some not so but one real positive is the amazing recovery and return to work of our Specialist nurse Doreen Foster.

Many of you will know that this time last year Doreen had been diagnosed with cancer and was still undergoing difficult treatment .Her recovery and determination to return to her work with the charity can only be described as remarkable and further evidence, if that were needed, of her total commitment to her patients. Doreen started her phased return to work in February this year and by August was back to her normal hours. Doreen has already been recognised for her work with MND patients this year when she was awarded the High Sheriffs Award in May. Doreen is also amongst the finalists for a York Press Community Pride Award having been nominated by the charity .We must not forget that whilst Doreen was ill her absence was most abley filled by both Jill Freeman from York Hospice and by our own Kate Adams, a specialist nurse working in the Neurology team at York District hospital .The charity is indebted to both Jill and Kate for the fantastic assistance they provided.

The work of the charity in supporting sufferers of MND and their families would not be possible without the tremendous financial support we receive from so many people. We have had donations from many sources and money raised in a variety of ways. This has included legacies from relatives of people who have died from MND as well as donations made in memory of people, many of which will quote the help they have received from Doreen on behalf of the charity as their reasons for giving. My thanks go to all who have donated whether it be £5 or £50,000 and all those who have raised money by rattling a tin, completing a marathon, jumping out of an aeroplane or cycling from coast to coast, all of which and more have taken place this year.

This year saw Kate and Claire attend the opening of Sitran (Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience), where research is done into the causes and possible treatment of MND and other Neurological conditions. Myself, Shelia Sykes and Doreen also visited later in the year and saw this work in progress. YAMND has recently agreed to donate a sum of £ 5,000 to Sitran to assist in this research. Professor Shaw, our Patron, has acknowledged this donation and said it will be used to go towards sponsoring a studentship to carry out research into an exciting new development in the cause of MND only discovered in the last few weeks.

The YAMND management committee has this year perhaps had to take a bit of a reality check on the running of such a charity especially with regard the current legislation regarding such things as the responsibilities of Trustees and also employment law. The committee is currently working with various external advisory bodies on these issues in order to make sure the charity has everything in place as it should be in order for the future of the charity to be secured.

So to the acknowledgements I must make to people who have contributed to the continued work of the charity.

My thanks to the current Management Committee as a whole for the support I have received throughout the year even when faced with some difficult issues.

To Adryenne Hope for dealing with our membership subscriptions and to Lesley Holroyd for her continuing work with Gift Aid.
To Janet Sharpe for keeping our minutes so well at all our meetings and to Glenda Hamilton, as a new member, for bringing new ideas and energy to the committee.
My thanks to Mark Smith for his sterling work on the YAMND web site which offers people a modern way of keeping in touch with what is going on.
A special thanks to Kate Adams for looking after our MND patients in Doreens absence and beyond .I know Kate enjoyed this role and we received many letters thanking Kate from patients and families .It must be said without Kate’s work the charity would not have been able to fulfil its role of caring for MND patients for some months. Kate served on the Committee as Chairperson and as Committee member and has given her time and commitment in both roles. Recently Kate resigned as she felt her role in the Neurology Team proved to be a conflict of interest with that of the charity. Many thanks go to Kate for all her hard work ,it is appreciated.
To Audrey Halstead, our Treasurer, who does an amazing job in keeping our accounts up to date at all times. I know Audrey had wanted to “retire “ from her post but was persuaded to stay a little longer. This will be a huge role to fill when Audrey does retire and I would like to thank Audrey and her husband Ken for all they do for the charity.
A big thank you must also go to Claire Halstead who has been secretary to YAMND for the last 3 years. Claire has not only dealt with many of the secretarial items involved in the running of the charity but also brought new ideas as to how to move the charity forward .She has not only dealt with our insurance issues but also other time consuming projects. Claire has recently decided not to stand for re election to the committee, as with a young family to look after her time is precious .So many thanks to Claire for all her work in moving the charity forward.

My thanks must also go to Doreen Foster who, as has already been mentioned, has returned to her role with what must be seen as amazing dedication to a job I know she loves .The many letters we receive show that Doreen does make a difference to all she comes into contact with and I think we are very lucky to have her working with us.

So the charity now starts a new year and faces many pressures and does require increased support both financially and in other ways .I hope that YAMND can continue in its role of supporting MND sufferers and their families until such time that a cure ,or at least treatment of sorts, can be found. Lets hope with the work going on at Sitran at the moment this is not too far away.

Hazel Allison

The new committee voted in at this meeting were:



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