COFFEE MORNING – Heworth Methodist Church Saturday 18th Sept

YAMND coffee mroning

This was great success and raised over £250.00 in the 2 hours we were there .A lovely sunny morning saw lots of local people popping in for coffee and a chat. Claire, Kate and  Audrey kept the kettle boiling and tea and coffee flowing .We also made some new contacts who had seen our local adverts and come along specially some having had experience of MND amongst family or friends.
Some fabulous donations made our cake stall bulge with goodies from huge chocolate cakes to Kate’s luxury “fifteen” and  “tiffin”,all very low calorie of course but all disappeared to happy customers.
Mr Halstead did another great job on the book stall offering some light reading to go with the coffee and cake.
So a nice venue for a lovely little event which not only added to our funds but also introduced us to people who were offering help at future events.
Many thanks to all who helped on the day and all those who provided donations of any kind ,your help is invaluable .
Hazel Allison

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